I have noticed a new type of “entrepreneurs” lately. Mostly because… I use to be one!

I call it: inaction entrepreneur

The definition of an inaction entrepreneur is: people who have read a ton of books, have attended a ton of seminars, know more theory than 90% of the rest of the world about business and entrepreneurship but do nothing about it.

Lack of action cannot be cured with more theoretical knowledge

(We) Inaction entrepreneurs try to cure the problem with more knowledge. Here’s why that is wrong. Learning more has become the comfort zone. Learning more and more inside the comfort of the books and seminar halls. But as we have long learned by now, magic happens outside the comfort zone.

The cure to inaction is a mindset shift. A belief system destruction. A shocking move outside the comfort zone.

Choosing to do something, anything, even if that is not the best thing you could choose to do, is better than choosing to do nothing and wait until the best opportunity will magically appear. Then start working. Work your @ss out and try to achieve something that you have never achieved before! And in order to achieve something you have never achieved before, not only you have to work as you have never worked before but also you have to become someone you have never been before.