Wealth building and business growth are complicated and chaotic. Let’s try to break it down into simple components.

As you may have understood by now, I’m all-in to simplicity, so here is the business setup; broken down into its 3 fundamental elements.

I try to make things simpler and easier to understand (primary to myself); I’m also sharing it with you to help you do the same on your journey to build your wealth enterprise and grow a business.

The moto I try to live by remains:

Simplicity in the far end of complexity

Let’s break down the success of a business in the three building blocks (the absolutely required components of a money-making system)

1. Clarify the value you offer and maximize it

The first and the most important building block is the value that the business offers. The problem it solves, the pain it removes, the time it saves, or the joy it brings. For example, a dentist offers the value of keeping your teeth healthy (removes pain). A writer’s value is to entertain and educate you through his/her books (positive emotions). A coach offers his knowledge and experience to train you to reach your goal faster by avoiding mistakes and use systems and strategies that may have taken the coach years to acquire (saves time & remove future pain).

Also, the value that the business is offering must be crystal clear, plus the business must be 100% certain that it can and will keep its promises (for example: if you go to a dentist that promises to keep your teeth healthy and after a month you lose a tooth, that’s a big no-no. If you buy a book with the promise to teach or to entertain you and you find out that it was crap, you’ll probably never buy another book from this author, and most probably you’ll go back to the store and leave the worst review possible to “punish” him/her for the time you spent without getting in return what they promised. If you go to a restaurant and the food is crappy… well, you get it).

Value is not always that clear, though. For example, what value is a new blog offering? Information? Maybe, but how can the reader be sure he/she is going to get the value unless they consume the content (the answer to that is: “writing good copy” but that’s a lesson for another day). Also, even if the readers get the information, how can they be sure this information will solve their problem or make their lives better unless they see it in real life.

2. Value Exchange Platform

The second building block of the business must be what I call “The value exchange platform“.

What is “The value exchange platform”? Let me explain:

There must be a “platform” in which the value that the business is offering (product or service) is being exchanged with the value that the client is offering (money). In other words, if you’re offering a service or a product that is valuable to your customer, you’re exchanging this value with another type of value which is money. For example, if you’re offering “coaching” that helps your customer grow, the customer is offering you money in exchange, and that’s a fair deal. It’s a win-win.

But where’s, is this value exchange taking place?

You must build a platform that facilitates the value exchange as smoothly as possible. A platform can be a local store, a shop, an e-shop, your website that you put your products and services up for sale, etc.

Alternatively, you can use other people’s platforms and pay them a commission for using them. For example, amazon.com provides a platform in which you can put your product up for sale, and the customer can easily come and give Amazon the money, then Amazon comes to you and gives this money to you by keeping a commission.

The “The value exchange platform” is a very critical component in the system we call “business” because when prospects come to see if what you’re offering is valuable to them, “The value exchange platform” must communicate to them your message, your promise to deliver the value, and must make it as easy as possible for them to convert into paying clients.

In our digital business world, “The value exchange platform” takes the form of a website. And not just a simple website, but a strategically built website that gives the visitors the best image you could put up for your business and make it as intuitive and simple as possible to become paying clients and benefit from what you have to offer.

My experience with clients’ websites has led me to develop a strategically built website using the latest web-design features for the best use of the “The value exchange platform” that I am offering for a few of my clients. Still, I can’t promise it will be available when you read this because it takes me some time to build and outsource it. Eventually, I will build a team to help me deliver it faster. For now, you can see if it’s available by clicking here.

3. Bring prospects to your platform

Step three is to find ways to bring these prospects to this platform. Imagine having the best shop in the world located in the Sahara Desert. Not a good deal, right? The biggest mistake I see people making in business is that they take too much time building their platform but not enough time to bring people to this platform.

My secret guess is that most people feel insecure about themselves, so they try to make it “perfect” to avoid any criticism when prospects visit their platform (or this may just be me and my irrational fears that you won’t like what I teach… just kidding, I know you love it!). This is a big mistake. No one will ever be perfect. But if you focus on the amount of value you offer to your clients, they will want to exchange it with their type of value (money).

Take my website, for example. Is it perfect? As much as I would like to hear “yes”, the answer is “no, it is not perfect” and that’s totally okay. There will always be someone with a better idea, a better-looking website, a cooler call to action, or a better lead magnet. And it will always be someone providing more value in different ways.


My approach to this understanding is to constantly increase the amount of value I can provide to you. By constantly improving each of the above three blocks of the system, you will increase your profit and impact on the world. But I have to warn you, it ain’t gonna be easy, nor will it be simple. It will require work, dedication, and lots of patience. I promise you, though, if you work on your project constantly, sooner or later, success will come, and to quote Napoleon Hill’s words from “Think and Grow Rich”

“When riches begin to come, they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding all those years.”